2016 Annual

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Annual Report

Yukon’s energy is powerful and constantly flowing. A single drop of water begins a journey that leads to us providing you with clean, renewable electricity. That water drop ultimately returns to the atmosphere to begin the cycle anew. In the meantime, our job is to use it safely and respectfully to keep your lights on, your homes warm, and your businesses thriving.

Welcome from the President

Hello and thank you for visiting this page.

We are taking a new approach to our annual report this year. We hope you find the report both informative and engaging.

We’d love to hear your feedback.

Here at Yukon Energy, we strive for excellence in everything we do... from delivering affordable, reliable and sustainable power to attracting and retaining a skilled and engaged workforce and to our respect for the environment and for the communities and people we serve. We hope you see these values reflected in this 2016 annual report.

Andrew Hall
President and CEO


Yukon Energy plans, generates, transmits and distributes a continuing and adequate supply of cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable energy for Yukoners.


  • A commitment to safety
  • Team-based approach to leadership and decision making
  • Focus on accountability, based on clear expectations and goals/targets
  • Open communications
  • Commitment to continuous improvement


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect

Time for the numbers

1 of only a handful of isolated grids in North America

4 back-up diesel generating plants

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3 Hydro plants

view map

1 wind turbine and a number of solar

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1,100 kilometres of power lines

1 back-up LNG plant

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12,000 power poles

1 longest wooden fishladder in the world

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More than 98% renewable in 2016 – keeping the Yukon clean and green

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Sales by Customer Class

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40 million dollars in electrical sales

133 megawatts of generating capacity

418 gigawatt hours - electricity supplied in 2016

Electricity generation 2012 – 2016

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New all-time peak of 88.13 megawatts, set on December 15, 2016.

Generation throughout 2016

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Total power outages
2012 – 2016

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Outages per customer
2012 – 2015

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Our staff

*Note that these charts show permanent and term employees, but not casual and temporary staff


2,500 hours of training in 2016 for more than 80 staff, including supervisory and senior managers

Continued low turnover rate. Average length of service, which is 9.8 years

Sixteen staff received long service awards; three retirements in 2016; five positions successfully filled.

Service Awards

25 Years

  • Darrell Johnson

20 Years

  • Attila Janits

15 Years

  • Ed Mollard
  • Steve Milner
  • Jim Petelski
  • Al Porter

10 Years

  • Austin Osborne
  • Maureen Thompson

5 Years

  • Marc-Andre Lavigne
  • Shannon Mallory
  • Stephanie Whitehead
  • Nathan Dumont
  • Bevon Keefer
  • Geoff Sicotte
  • Ted Lambert
  • Sean Munro
  • Christina Nie

Our Goals for 2016 and How We Did

Achieve All Injury Rate of one or less

For 2016 Yukon Energy had an all injury rate of 6.1, compared to 6.2 in 2015 and 8.9 in 2014. We are moving in the right direction and striving to do better in 2017.

Achieve Motor Vehicle Accident Rate of four or less

For 2016 Yukon Energy had a motor vehicle accident rate of 4.4, down from five in 2015.

Achieve 10 or less controllable outages

Goal achieved! We had nine controllable outages in 2016, an improvement over our 2015 number of 16.

Achieve a Return on Equity of 8.25 percent

Goal achieved! We expect a Return on Equity for 2016 of 8.68 percent.

Implement updated Capital Budgeting and Project Management processes

Capital budgeting processes were updated. We expect to implement updated Project Management Processes in 2017.

Aishihik Elevator Project completed on budget ($9.51 million)

The schedule for this project slipped slightly to Q1 of 2017. The project budget was revised to $10.2 million.

Detailed engineering, assessment and permitting for the Stewart to Keno City Transmission Project completed on time and on budget ($5.3 million)

Goal achieved!

2016 Resource Plan complete & available for submission to the Yukon Utilities Board

Responding to Yukoners’ requests for additional data meant the schedule was revised for project completion by Q1 of 2017.

Achieve Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation

Goal achieved!

Our Goals for 2017

  • Achieve an All Injury Rate of one or less
  • Achieve a Motor Vehicle Accident Rate of four or less
  • Achieve 10 or fewer controllable outages
  • Achieve a Return on Equity of 8.82 percent
  • Confirm funding and construction plans of the Stewart to Keno City Transmission Project
  • Complete the major overhaul of our Whitehorse hydro #4 unit on time and on budget ($4.3 million)
  • Develop and launch updated Asset Management Program
  • Launch Independent Power Production (IPP) Standing Offer Program in collaboration with ATCO Electric Yukon
  • Place order for third engine to expand capacity of the Whitehorse LNG generating facility

Some key 2016 projects
Yukon Energy in action

2016 Resource Plan

Examined a wide range of future scenarios and potential electricity options to meet anticipated demand

Held approximately 30 public and stakeholder meetings

Conducted a Yukon-wide survey

Received very favourable public feedback on the process

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Aishihik elevator

Replaced key components (steel frames and rock anchors)

Stewart to Keno City Transmission Line Project

Completed detailed engineering, assessment and permitting for the Stewart to Keno City Transmission Liner Project

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Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation

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Made the switch to LED streetlights

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Developed a new more user-friendly inCharge website

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inCharge rebate programs

Had overwhelming response to our inCharge rebate programs

In 2016 Yukoners received 14,000 rebates on LED lights and block heater timers, double the target set for the rebates.

That compares with the 2015 numbers of 4,000 rebates!

Health and Safety

Provided safety orientations to more than 100 contractors and consultants

Provided safety education as a part of school tours at our facilities

Installed new safety features at our Whitehorse dam and Lewes Lake control structure

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Participated in Operation Domino: a test of our LNG emergency plan

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Safety is a part of every decision we make and every action we take.

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Seventy nine percent of our staff participated in monthly safety meetings, exceeding our goal of seventy percent.

Sustainably Energizing Our Communities

Sustainable Electricity Company

In 2017, the Canadian Electricity Association awarded Yukon Energy with a Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation for our commitment to sustainable business practices. We are only the fifth utility in Canada to receive such an award, and the first in Northern Canada.

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& Biodiversity

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Sustainability is key to everything that we do

First Nation Partnerships

Received designation as a Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Committed company

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Continued engagement with Carcross/Tagish First Nation and Kwanlin Dun First Nation on a Southern Lakes Enhancement project

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Signed Aishihik re-licensing Co- Management agreement with the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations

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Other Partnerships

Partnered on the Yukon government’s Commercial Lighting and Fridge Replacement Programs

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Long-time supporter of the Association of Yukon Communities Sustainability Award

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Provided funding support for the new position of Northern Energy Research Chair, and worked with the Chair on issues of mutual concern

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Worked with the MacBride Museum to create a permanent exhibit “A Powerful History” that tells the story of Yukon Energy

Supporting Our Communities

Provided $85,000 to more than 40 community groups

Money taken from profits; rates are not impacted

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Our staff volunteered at

the Whitehorse Food Bank, Mae Bachur Shelter, United Way Breakfast, Yukon River Trail Marathon, McIntyre Marsh Bird Banding Family event, Yukon Energy Dempster to Dawson Solstice Run, and the Faro Sheep and Crane Festival, among others.

Scholarship and student summer employment program

Enhanced our scholarship and student summer employment program to better align with recruitment and succession planning goals

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Other related duties

And under ‘other related duties’, staff were involved in a dramatic cat rescue!

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Board of Directors

  • Kells Boland, Chair
  • Susan Craig
  • Joanne Fairlie
  • Blair Hogan
  • John Jensen
  • Cam Malloch
  • Clint McCuaig
  • Wendy Shanks
  • Curtis Shaw
  • Erin Stehelin


  • Erin Stehelin, Chair
  • Kells Boland
  • Cam Malloch
  • Clint McCuaig
  • Wendy Shanks

Human Resource & Compensation Committee

  • Wendy Shanks, Chair
  • Kells Boland
  • Susan Craig
  • Blair Hogan

Governance Committee

  • Kells Boland, Chair
  • Susan Craig
  • Cam Malloch
  • Clint McCuaig

Thank you for the way you use our energy.

Stewardship & Biodiversity


We are a long time supporter of the Celebration of Swans festival

This premier bird festival marks one of the first signs of spring, the arrival of the trumpeter swans.

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Proud sponsor of a family educational event at the McIntyre Marsh Bird Banding station

This station teaches the public about the importance of our migratory birds, and allows scientists to collect data on how various species of birds use the McIntyre Marsh wetlands.

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Fish Ladder

More than 1,550 Chinook salmon travelled through our Whitehorse Rapids Fishladder

watch video

Long-time supporter of the the Ta’an Fox Creek salmon restoration program

Raised and released about 140,000 Chinook fry from our Whitehorse Rapids Hatchery

Long-time supporter of the Salmon in the Schools program

Sponsor of Stream of Dreams that combined public art with stewardship

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Climate Change

Provided funding for a multi-year research project on climatic changes in the Mayo and Aishihik basins, and in the Southern Lakes area.

Key partner of Shift Whitehorse, an event aimed at encouraging Yukoners to use alternative modes of transportation.

Key partner in Bike to Work Week, which saw almost 200 people biking a total of almost 6,200 kilometres.

Promoted Earth Hour – Yukoners reduced their consumption by 2.13 megawatts, enough to power one of the smaller subdivisions in Whitehorse.

We produced fewer than 10 tonnes of GHG emissions per gigawatt hour as a result of our generation in 2016. That compares with an average number for utilities across Canada of more than 150 tonnes per gigawatt hour!

More than 98 percent renewable in 2016 – keeping the Yukon clean and green


Sales by Customer Class


Electricity generation 2012 – 2016


Generation throughout 2016


Total power outages 2012 – 2016


Outages per customer 2012 – 2015


4 Back-up Diesel Generating Plants


3 Hydro Plants


1 wind turbine and a number of solar

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1 Back-Up LNG Plant

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1 longest wooden fishladder in the world

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